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Zyanya Condo is a FREEHOLD development right at 8 Lorong 25A Gelang, District 14 Singapore. Just within 1km, the condo is many well-established schools. The highlight features will attract families has children on going to school. For buyers seeking property nearby education institutions, Zyanya will service you with a lot of primary schools, and secondary school suggestions.

Zyanya Condo Primary School

From the Zyanya Condo, primary schools within 1km are ready to welcome your children. Popular primary schools nearest the condo are Geylang Methodist School and Kong Hwa School. Two schools are within 1 km and only waste a few minutes of travel. More than 2km, the parents will have many options with Canosa Catholic primary school, St Margaret's primary school, Tanjong Katong primary school and Eunos primary school. Not much far from the residence, the parents are completely sided by side with their children studying.

Zyanya Condo primary school

Residents only take 5 mins to Tanjong Katong primary school

Zyanya Condo primary education

Eunos primary school from the condo 1km

In Singapore, children enter primary school after completing preschool. The environment learning has to ensure the development of children. Primary education improves children's awareness, opens opportunities and reduces inter-generational poverty. If you choose Zyanya Condo as your home, don't worry about the education system. Besides various amenities, your kids develop in a good atmosphere that provides an opportunity to make friends and develop communication skills.

Your Children's School In Doorstep At Zyanya Condo

You don't need headaches with the education institution options because of a large schools nearby Zyanya. Your children will be receive the best teaching method.


Get to Secondary school Nearby Zyanya Condo

Zyanya Condo is within a prime location so that easy to travel to secondary education institutions. These features will be highly appropriate for home investors. Because Singapore parents always take care of their children studying. They want to choose a home that is close to many schools and convenient for traveling. From Zyanya, there are serval secondary schools like Broadrick Secondary School, Geylang Methodist Secondary School, Elton House International School, Tanjong Katong Secondary School and Cedar Girl's Secondary School. All schools are approximate 3km from the condo.

Zyanya Condo amenities

Tanjong Katong Secondary School - 2,4km

Zyanya Condo secondary school

Broadrick Secondary School - 3,2km 

Zyanya Condo secondary education

Geylang Methodist Secondary School - 2,4km from Zyanya Condo

Choose Zyanya is your home, you will embrace a haven amenities surrounding. To get interesting news, please go with Lifestyle now.

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